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Discover our premium CBG Crude Oil, available in bulk and wholesale for businesses seeking top-tier cannabinoid products. Expertly extracted, our oil undergoes rigorous winterization and decarboxylation to ensure maximum purity and potency. Ideal for formulating a wide range of products, from tinctures to topicals, this CBG oil provides a potent, clean, and versatile base that enhances any product line with the unique benefits of Cannabigerol.

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Product Description & Information

Bulk and Wholesale CBG Crude Oil - Winterized and Decarboxylated

Bulk and Wholesale CBG Crude Oil - Winterized and Decarboxylated

Introducing our premium CBG Crude Oil, now available in bulk and wholesale quantities for businesses seeking to incorporate the unique benefits of Cannabigerol (CBG) into their product lineup. Expertly extracted, winterized, and decarboxylated, our CBG Crude Oil represents the pinnacle of purity and potency, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers and formulators dedicated to producing high-quality cannabinoid products.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Extraction Process: Our CBG Crude Oil is extracted using state-of-the-art techniques that ensure a high concentration of cannabigerol while preserving the integrity of the plant’s natural compounds. This meticulous process results in a rich, robust crude oil that serves as a potent base for various cannabinoid-infused products.
  2. Winterization for Purity: Following extraction, our CBG oil undergoes a rigorous winterization process. This crucial step involves cooling the oil to remove fats, waxes, and other lipids, which enhances the overall purity and consistency of the oil. The result is a cleaner, clearer product that is easier to work with and incorporates seamlessly into formulations.
  3. Decarboxylation for Activation: To maximize the efficacy of the CBG, we carefully decarboxylate our crude oil. This controlled heating process converts CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) into the more active form, CBG. Decarboxylation ensures that our crude oil is bioavailable and ready for effective formulation into finished products.
  4. Lab-Tested Quality: Quality and transparency are paramount in our production process. Each batch of our CBG Crude Oil is thoroughly tested by independent, third-party laboratories to ensure purity, potency, and compliance with all industry regulations. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available to our clients, providing detailed information about cannabinoid profiles and the absence of any contaminants.
  5. Versatile Application: Our winterized and decarboxylated CBG Crude Oil is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide array of products, from tinctures and capsules to topicals and edibles. Its neutral flavor profile and high purity make it an excellent ingredient for formulations requiring precise cannabinoid content without compromising the taste or quality of the final product.

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Enhanced Product Line: Incorporate a high-demand cannabinoid into your product offerings to attract a broader customer base and meet the growing market demand for CBG-focused products.
  • Consistency and Reliability: With our standardized processes, businesses can rely on the same high quality and potency with every order, ensuring consistent product performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our CBG Crude Oil is extracted from organically grown, non-GMO hemp, fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring legal safety in product development.
  • Scalability: Available in bulk and wholesale quantities, our CBG oil supports scalability in production without sacrificing quality, allowing businesses to grow and expand effortlessly.

Ideal For:

  • Product Developers: Seeking to innovate or expand existing lines with CBG-infused products.
  • Manufacturers: Requiring high-quality, consistent cannabinoid bases for a variety of formulations.
  • Wholesalers and Distributors: Looking to supply cutting-edge cannabinoid products that are in high demand.


Our Bulk and Wholesale CBG Crude Oil, winterized and decarboxylated, offers unparalleled purity and potency for businesses aiming to lead in the cannabinoid market. It provides a dependable and effective base ingredient that elevates the quality and appeal of your cannabinoid-infused product offerings. Step ahead in the industry with our superior CBG Crude Oil, crafted to exceed expectations and deliver excellence.

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