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Bulk CBD Distributors is one of the worldwide leaders in the production and distribution of cannabinoids. We have operations and partnerships around the United States and the world. Whether you’re in Europe, South America, and anywhere in the modern world, we can help.


With a manufacturing lab in Oregon, one of the hemp hubs in the United States, we’re here, front and center. Extracting and refining our wholesale CBD concentrates and extract products.


Bulk CBD Distributors is one of the most prominent extractors of cannabinoids in the USA. Focusing on producing the highest quality extracts, distillate and isolate for our clients.


Processing and refining hemp into viable products and resources for wholesale CBD suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, is tall work. We’ve secured a facility in Nevada to help with a variety of our hemp and CBD processing.

Puerto Rico

Bulk CBD Distributors Puerto Rico location is dedicated to genetics development and refinement. We’re also the first producer and supplier in all of Puerto Rico.


As one of the premier locations worldwide for the cultivation of hemp and hemp. Colombia is home to one of our production facilities and genetics development teams.


Spain is one of our newer facilities.

Our Team

John Piccone

John Piccone is the founder and owner of Bulk CBD Distributors. Having founded multiple companies in the Denver area, John has helped to build some of the regions favorite service businesses. Bulk CBD came to be after John helped a few companies build up in the space, saw the potential, and decided to start his own business in the niche.

Nathan Durazo

Nathan is our other owner. He and John are friends and when John went to start working on the project, Nathan was an obvious choice with his direct demeanor and great interpersonal skills. Nathan is a Marine Corps veteran that served as a recon sniper for several years while serving our country. When it comes to service and operations, you don’t get better than this.

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