Bulk Crude


High CBD extracts for your needs. With our labs and ethanol extraction process, we produce high-quality CBD extract and CBG extract for our clients.

CBD Concentrate Wholesale Supplier & Bulk CBD Extracts

CBD Distillate | CBD Isolate | Crude CBD Oil

Bulk CBD Distributors specializes in production of wholesale CBD concentrate and bulk extracts such as crude oil, isolate, and distillate. We take rigorous measures to ensure the quality of our product and the integrity of our process, so our wholesale and bulk clients can count on the same great product with each shipment. Contact us today to learn more about the high quality extracts and concentrates that we have to offer.

Bulk CBG Crude Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a consistent supply of premium CBG crude extract with high cannabinoid content, Bulk CBD Distributors is the answer. Our stage 1 extracted cannabigerol is a high quality crude oil product your firm will be proud to work with. Our proprietary CBG strains are monitored from genetics through isolation. All of our crude cannabigerol is extracted by our team of experts from around the world. We’ve mapped our process from genetics to extraction and only use the best materials because we use the same crude CBG extract product and know the importance of quality and reliability.