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Bulk CBC Distillate Manufacturing & Supply

Look to Bulk CBD Distributors for the best quality and value in a wholesale CBC distillate supplier. Our Cannabichromene distillation process and product are top of the line. Let us provide your premium bulk CBC distillate to ensure the quality and consistency required for long term product quality and supplier satisfaction.

Premium Bulk CBC Distillate Oil Manufacturer

Bulk CBD Distributors is a global leader in CBD extracts, and Cannabichromene production, also known as CBC. Our dedication to quality and consistency is what keeps us on top of producing the finest bulk and wholesale hemp extracts such as CBC distllate at a global scale. Our company uses state of the art ethanol extraction, then a molecular distillation in our process similar to that which we use to produce our bulk CBD distillate. We are a commercial scale supplier of Cannabichromene concentrates such as distillate and isolate, for all your manufacturing needs. With farms and labs around the world for production and manufacturing in Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, as well as Puerto Rico and Colombia, we produce and manufacture high quality hemp concentrates for your product lines. The hemp we extract and concentrate from is our own specially sourced Hemp rich in Cannabichromene, CBD, and other extracts as well a spectrum of terpenes. We process thousands of pounds a day, and use the latest equipment to ensure you receive the best bulk CBC distillate on the market. We third party test all of our compounds to ensure a consistent raw material for your products.

Bulk CBC Distillate

How We Make Bulk CBC Distillate

To make our high quality CBC distillate, we start with the best seeds & genetics that we develop with our team of hemp experts. This results in a premium biomass product in the form of consistently healthy and high performing plants for us to extract from. The process begins using a refined ethanol extraction method that produces consistent results and high quality crude CBC oil. We then take this crude oil product through the process of molecular distillation creating the premium CBC distillate product we have become known for. Reach out today to request more information and a quote on bulk or wholesale CBC distillate.

Our Premium CBC Distillate Is Cutting Edge

Our CBC extraction process is top of the line, as is our product. Premium CBD extracts and concentrates in wholesale and bulk quantities are our specialty. We will provide COAs upon request for any of our products. We sell only to manufacturers, labs, suppliers, and distributors. We are wholesale and bulk sales only. When it comes time for you to research and select a supplier for your CBC products, we’re standing by to help you through.

Ethanol Extraction

We use a refined ethanol extraction process to produce all of our related extract products such as our wholesale CBD isolate. If you are creating a hemp business and need a reliable supplier, Bulk CBD Distributors is here to help. 

Molecular Distillation

We use top of the line molecular distillation processes and equipment to produce our bulk CBC distillate. We always make sure to use the best in resources and technology to bring the finest bulk CBD extracts to our clients, each and every time.

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We filled out the form for a request, and the process was simple. Our first order was on point and the extracts were exceptional. A few orders later, Bulk CBD Distributors is our supplier for distillate, isolate, and crude hemp oil.

Michael T

With multiple extraction and distillation methods available, I started with a small order from a few suppliers to determine what would be best to use in the development of our products. Bulk CBD Distributors definitely stood out among the rest with their quality of product and service.

Angelo E

Customer service was great, ordering was as easy as it can be in this industry. We're happy with the product and the supplier, looking forward to doing more business with them.

Rebecca O

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If you are ready to make your first purchase for Wholesale CBC Distillate, then complete the form to your right. One of our customer service representatives will be in touch with you soon. Look forward to a long relationship with a great distillate Cannabichromene supplier.

Bulk CBC Distillate

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Wholesale CBC Distillate Supplier

We produce and manufacture high quality CBC distillate in bulk quantities. Our high quality process works in combination with ethanol extraction and molecular distillation to produce some of the best concentrates, including distillate CBC on the market.

Bulk CBC Distillate
CBC Distillate Bulk Supplier & Best Wholesale CBC Distillate
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CBC distillate in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. We're a premium bulk CBC distillate wholesale supplier. Reach out to us today or buy on our site.

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