Bulk Cbc Products

Cannabichromene Production & CBC Supply

We specialize in genetics and production of hemp related products including Cannabichromene, also known as CBC.

CBC Wholesale Supplier & Distributor

With our global network of hemp farms, labs, and other resources, we’re a world leader in hemp related resources such as Cannabichromene products. From genetics and seeds, through farming, processing, extraction, and refinement, we’re in full control of the process and product.

CBC Distributor for Labs, Manufacturers, Retailers, Suppliers

Our operation focuses on high quality, it’s the best way to keep a client happy. Premium extracts and concentrates in wholesale and bulk quantities are our specialty. We will provide COA’s upon request for any of our products. We sell only to manufacturers, labs, suppliers, and distributors. We are wholesale and bulk sales only.

Bulk Cbc Products

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