Premium CBC Isolate Liquid


Experience the pinnacle of quality with our Premium CBC Isolate. In a versatile liquid state, this top-tier product is rich in cannabichromene (CBC), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with potential therapeutic benefits. Third-party tested for purity and potency, our Premium CBC Isolate represents the highest quality product available in the cannabinoid market. Elevate your offerings with superior quality and versatility.

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Product Description & Information

Premium CBC Isolate

Introducing our Premium CBC Isolate, brought to you by Bulk CBD Distributors, where unparalleled purity meets exceptional quality. This premium isolate is derived from meticulously selected hemp plants, offering a pure, potent form of Cannabichromene (CBC) for manufacturers and brands aiming to incorporate the unique benefits of CBC into their product lineup.

Key Features:

  1. Supreme Purity: Achieving over 99% purity, our Premium CBC Isolate stands as a crystalline powder that is almost exclusively Cannabichromene. This level of purity ensures a top-tier product, devoid of THC, other cannabinoids, and plant materials, making it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of applications.
  2. Versatile Formulation Potential: Tailored for innovation, our CBC Isolate serves as a perfect base for various product formulations, including but not limited to creams, capsules, tinctures, and edibles. Its consistency and purity allow for precise dosing and seamless integration into any formulation.
  3. Non-Psychoactive Benefits: CBC is celebrated for its non-psychoactive properties, making our CBC Isolate a sought-after choice for products aimed at delivering the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects of THC.
  4. Rigorous Quality Assurance: Upholding the highest standards of safety and quality, our CBC Isolate undergoes stringent third-party lab testing. This ensures the product's potency, purity, and the absence of contaminants, providing a safe and reliable ingredient for your formulations.
  5. Innovative Applications: As interest in the diverse benefits of cannabinoids continues to grow, CBC stands out for its potential in various wellness and therapeutic applications. Our Premium CBC Isolate offers an opportunity for brands to explore and innovate within the expanding cannabinoid market.

Ideal For:

  • Product developers and manufacturers seeking a high-quality, reliable CBC ingredient for their formulations.
  • Brands looking to diversify their product offerings with the unique benefits of CBC.
  • Innovators eager to pioneer new products in the wellness and therapeutic sectors with a focus on cannabinoid diversity.

Our Premium CBC Isolate from Bulk CBD Distributors represents not just a commitment to quality but also an invitation to innovation. With its unmatched purity and potential, it is poised to set new standards in the cannabinoid industry, enabling you to elevate your product offerings and meet the growing consumer demand for diverse cannabinoid-based products.

CBC Distillate Isolate COA BCD 7-5-23


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3 reviews for Premium CBC Isolate Liquid

  1. Kevin L.

    Finding a good CBC isolate supplier has been a headache for a while. Since we started ordering from Bulk CBD, we’ve been getting better quality and lower costs which has helped our margins.

  2. Andre CC

    Bulk CBD Distributors’ products have the highest quality. The team is so friendly. Highly recommended.

  3. Solomon87

    This CBC isolate made a nice difference in the quality of our products. We are looking forward to continuing to offer top-notch products with the help of this liquid CBC isolate.

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