Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Pain Cream


Introducing Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Pain Cream: your ultimate solution for swift and effective relief. Infused with premium broad-spectrum hemp extract, this cream targets sore muscles and tension areas, offering rejuvenation and comfort. Whether it’s daily aches or post-workout strains, trust in the power of Nectar Wellness to bring you back to your best. Experience the difference with every application.


1000mg, Apply to area needing relief., Organic and Responsibly Grown Hemp, Non-Psychoactive (<.3%THC), Laboratory Tested to Ensure Safety & Potency

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Product Description & Information

Our Supercharged™ CBD Cream is an effective cream infused with the highest quality ingredients and broad spectrum hemp extract to ease tension and soreness fast. Gently massage this Supercharged™ Cream into any “hot spots” to help relieve sore and tired muscles along with other areas of discomfort. This is a must have to recover up quickly, reenergize and to keep you at the top of your game. This cream is ideal for athletes, office workers, seniors or anyone with daily aches and pains they can’t shake. Use it where it hurts for speedy, powerful relief!

For Best Results:

Apply generously to any area needing relief, massage area for 20 seconds for maximum absorption of the product. Store at room temperature away from light.


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