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Biorefinery Equipment

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Biorefinery Industrial Equipment

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Our patented Rotary Dryers have been used to effectively develop multiple types of materials. Our rotary dryers are designed to take materials through a multi-step dehydration process. This process is unique to our machines and overall has proven to enhance drying efficiency.

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The CycloClean Burner is the industry favorite for effectively drying biomass

  • 5 to 70 MM BTU/hr capacity
  • Fuel & Air controls with adjustable settings
  • Quality combustion efficiency through the external air jacket, consequently decreasing radiant heat loss
  • Robust construction with Brick/plastic refractory lined combustion chamber
Equipment Burner Actof2 5

Thermal Treatment

This biomass burner, ACTOF (Ablazing Clean Thermally-treated Organic Fuel) is efficient for pulverizing solid fuels of 18 mesh/1 mm or less.

  • High quality and extremely durable
  • Adjustable fuel and air controls
  • Fitted with an external air jacket to decrease radiant heat loss
  • High efficiency combustion system
Equipment Al Choice 695 Pics 1St Trip Wn 01 Scaled 6

All-In-One Ultrasonic Botanical Oil Extraction & Processing System

Advanced Industrial Technology

This system is powered by electricity and is configured to keep the extraction process self contained from start to finish. Our efficient ultrasound-assisted extraction system collapses the biological cell walls, then diffuses the solvent through the cellular disruption to facilitate the release of the oil contents. This unique process improves the extraction rate leading to higher yields with reduced processing time.

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